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Do you have a cracked or water-damaged screen? Do you have a keyboard that needs to be replaced? Our team at DTT can repair your device and get it back up and running good as new.

Type of Repairs

LCD Screens

  • Cracked
  • Water Damage
  • Black Screen


  • Hard Drives
  • Optical Drives

Logic Boards

  • Water Damage
  • NVIDIA | AMD Reflow/Reword

Keyboards & Casings

  • Repairs
  • Replacements

Special Repairs

Cellular and Public Safety DAS Networks

DAS is a wireless infrastructure designed to distribute a cellular, Wi-Fi, or public safety signal within a certain area, either indoor or outdoor.

DAS networks are everywhere—in enterprises, university and corporate campuses, and inside of public buildings such as malls, stadiums, airports, and hotels.


Most large enterprise buildings require upwards of sixty or more antenna locations to provide adequate service throughout their property.


DAS has the capacity to deliver the multiple services needed to support the crowd and the flexibility to reach all areas inside of these complex indoor/outdoor environments.

Large Public Venues

Large public venues (such as airports, subway stations, and clinics) are the new frontier for in-building wireless. Roadside coverage is by the wayside as we shift from mobility to portability.


DAS solution provides ubiquitous service throughout an entire campus. DAS provides blanket service from the inside out or to augment service “holes” in and around buildings.

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