MacBook Air Logic Board Repair

MacBook Air Logic Board Repair


Product Overview

Logic board repair fixs problems such as no video, no post, scramble video, shutdown, port issues, kernel panic, freeze or intermittent issues, no power or no charging and repair of minor liquid spill damage.

We specialize in component level repair on logic boards.  Our engineers use the latest tools and high quality components to yield a high success rate of repair. 

In case of severe liquid damage or physical abuse, your repair may cost more. We will contact you before proceeding with any additional repairs, including but not limited to complete replacement of your main logic board.

Turn around time is 1-3days. However some intermittent Issues may take longer to replicate the problem. No charge if repair attempt is unfixable.

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Product Description

Repair power, video, heat, sound and sleep problems. Can also repair issues due to a liquid spill.